5 Ways the Entertainment Industry is Reducing Environmental Impacts

The entertainment industry has a major impact on the environment, stronger than what most people think.

According to UK.collected.reviews the effects of the activities of the different sectors of the environment has a major call on the balance and the sustainability of the planet. From those mega bright bulbs you see in casinos to your favourite jungle scenes in movies, to different music, arts and dance festivals held around the world. The damages caused by the entertainment industry cannot be overemphasized.

There are over 700 movies and over 500 series produced yearly in the United States. A lot of work goes into production, transporting cast and crew, and a huge energy consumption goes into making perfect lighting according to reviews of energy providers.  All these bring the award winning movies we all love to see, but the activities have so many negative impacts on the environment.

Thankfully, many stakeholders in the entertainment industry are taking big steps towards reducing environmental impacts caused by the activities of the industry. Now, serious efforts are being made  tostandardise safe practices and methods before, during and after productions.

Here are some ways the entertainment industry has been making efforts to reduce environmental impacts:

Carbon Gas Offset

The movie industry generates a large amount of carbon and other greenhouse gases from air transportation, generators, production materials such as fire etc. To properly have a track record for these carbon footprints that is a direct implication of the activities listed above, many companies hire third party contractors to track these carbon emission records. An example is 21st Century Fox who has been making active steps towards significant carbon emission reduction over the past decade.


Waste Management

A large amount of clothing, make up, footwear is used in movie productions and after productions they are no longer needed. They can generate a huge amount of waste deposit if not properly managed. Many companies have partnered with various recycling outlets to recycle these materials. Since the year 2011, 90% of the wastes from Sony headquarters have been stopped from reaching landfills. This waste diversion technique is better, instead of letting them become environmental problems, they can be recycled and donated to people for reuse.


The second largest primary source of greenhouse gases after electricity and heat generation is transportation.  CBS entertainment began to use hybrid vehicles in 2011, these fuel efficient vehicles can reduce carbon emission caused through transportation by about 50%.

Energy Efficiency

In 2013, Jason Bateman produced a movie called Bad Words with solar energy. This shows that it is very much realistic to produce movies and series using alternative sources of energy.Energy efficiency can also come in for reducing energy consumption significantly through finding better lighting alternatives.

Water Use Reduction

Water use reduction practices can be adopted to cut down water consumption.  Single use water bottles are also being replaced with reusable flasks and jugs. Walt Disney studio saved $6000 dollars by setting up a new bottled water rule on the set of The Amazing Spiderman 2.


Active steps are being taken by the entertainment industry to reduce environmental impacts, but more actions need to be taken to ensure a safer and healthier environment for us all.


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