Chrissy Teigen Couldn’t Figure Out the Song She Heard & The Weeknd Helped Her Out!

Chrissy Teigen heard a song on the radio this weekend and she couldn’t figure out what it was… so thankfully the song’s artist helped her out!

The 35-year-old entertainer tweeted, “Going bonkers trying to figure out a song I just heard twice the morning on the radio. Sounded like The Weeknd but cannot finddddddddd on iTunes. GOING CRAZY, it was on Sirius 47 the heat.”

Chrissy continued, “I have listened to I THINK every weeknd song for a few seconds to try to figure out, to the point where I forget what the song I’m looking for even sounds like AND AM DOUBTING IT’S THE WEEKND AHHHHHH… Then it played AGAIN as we were going into a parking garage and stopped before we could Shazam. Phew, the anguish.”

The Weeknd saw the tweet and replied, “was it ‘save your tears’?”

Chrissy responded, “YESSSSSS THE WEEKND, IT WAS!” He then replied with a GIF of two women dancing. See all of the tweets below!

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