A 38-year-old woman who had been missing for nearly two weeks in Zion National Park in Utah was found safe on Sunday by search and rescue teams after a park visitor reported that they had seen her, the authorities said.

The woman, Holly Suzanne Courtier, disappeared on Oct. 6, after getting off a shuttle bus at the Grotto bus stop in the park. She was reunited with her family, which said in a statement Sunday that they were “overjoyed” that she was found safely.

The search for Ms. Courtier drew officials from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, park rangers, emergency service teams and search dogs. Volunteers also joined the effort, the National Park Service said. The teams used drones and canine units, the park service said in a series of statements about their efforts to locate her.

“We would like to thank the rangers and search teams who relentlessly looked for her day and night and never gave up hope,” the family’s statement said. “We are also so grateful to the countless volunteers who were generous with their time, resources and support. This wouldn’t have been possible without the network of people who came together.”

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