Rebel Wilson Reflects on Freezing Her Eggs Before “Year of Health” Weight Loss Journey

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Rebel Wilson is looking back on her 20-year wellness journey.

The Pitch Perfect star, who has been documenting her “Year of Health” during 2020, took to Instagram Live on Tuesday, Dec. 1, to talk to her fans about health, fitness and fertility. As her social media followers may know, Rebel began to really focus on her health after turning 40 in March. Since that time, she’s been sharing updates on Instagram, showing off her progress.

During her Instagram Live, Rebel—who recently reached her “goal” weight of about 165 pounds—explained that there were additional factors that inspired her “Year of Health.” As Rebel told fans, she decided prior to the coronavirus pandemic that she wasn’t going to work a lot in 2020. Around that time, she shared, “I was also freezing my eggs.”

“As all good career women out there should know, you know, if that’s something that interests you, it’s a pretty good time to do it,” she said of her milestone birthday. “And getting to 40 is kind of leaving it even a little too late. It’s better to do it a bit earlier if you can.”

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“So, I was thinking fertility and having quality eggs in the bank,” she continued. “I was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna get healthy.'”

Rebel went on to share that she got started by going to a “professional place” to do a detox. “Because the amount of sugar I was eating was like full-on,” she said. “I have the biggest sweet tooth.” This experience helped inspire Rebel to continue on her journey for the year.

Though 2020 was the year that Rebel decided to “fully change” her entire lifestyle, she told fans this has been a 20-year journey for her. “I always wanted to be healthier,” she said. “But I either just felt like I didn’t have the time or felt like, oh, well, making a lot of money being bigger, you know it’s part of my comedic persona in a lot of ways. So I would question, sometimes I would lose a few kilos but then I’d gain it back.”

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Rebel, who noted she’s not “perfect” about her discipline, said that she’s more focused on “balance” this year.

“I bloody screw up all the time,” she admitted. “And it’s hard because…I’ve probably been overweight probably since I was about 20 and then this year I turned 40. So, it’s probably 20 years. I was at my skinniest when I had malaria and I almost died. And then when I came out of hospital everyone’s like, ‘Wow! What did you do?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, almost died.'”

“But I probably haven’t been the weight I am now since like high school,” she added. “Which has been interesting, but for 20 years I’ve kind of been a bigger person and curvalicious and all that stuff. So, it’s been a full-on journey, but the point I was making is that I am not perfect.”

Rebel also noted that she’s not a medical professional and that this is coming from the “spirit of sharing.”

Watch Rebel’s video above to hear more about her wellness journey!

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