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In Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Kazakh journalist persona gains access to some of the nation’s most powerful men. However, like the Rudy Giuliani scene, the film’s CPAC moment with Mike Pence nearly fell apart, Baron Cohen revealed on Monday.

The Trial of the Chicago 7 actor told Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show that a security screening and encounter with the TSA at the conservative event nearly revealed his true identity. In the sequel, directed by Jason Woliner, the titular character dresses as President Donald Trump to deliver his daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova) as a bride for Vice President Pence.

“I got into a different disguise, got past the CPAC security and the TSA were actually kind of “wanding” me…it went past my chest and it beeped and I was terrified,” Baron Cohen said to the talk show host.

The actor then explained that security asked why his chest might be triggering the security wand. He tells the worker that it’s a pacemaker in his chest.

“The TSA carried on “wanding” me and then down by my belly it beeped again and he goes ‘What’s that?,” Baron Cohen continued. “I didn’t know what to say… he said ‘it’s the wire to the pacemaker.’”

Baron Cohen said after the odd, yet crucial encounter with CPAC security, he and his character’s daughter had access to the convention, where he would then spend “five hours hiding in the men’s bathroom” until it was time to ambush Pence during his speech.

While hiding in the men’s room for hours, the actor said he spent his time “listening to conservative men go to the toilet.” Before the show went to commercial break, Baron Cohen made sure to inform one of the conservative men about his eating habits.

“Stephen Miller, if you’re watching this, you need more fiber in your diet,” Baron Cohen said to the camera.

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