Social media’s preemptive spiking of New York Post story shows bias against conservatives continues

Twitter and Facebook are quickly backpedaling after suppressing a New York Post story damaging to former Vice President Joe Biden, but that doesn’t erase the fact that just weeks before an election, the social media platforms continue to enforce their rules differently for those with whom they disagree politically. 

When the Post published a story last week that Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, allegedly made money from providing access to his father when he was vice president, it seemed like Twitter and Facebook all of a sudden “got religion,” as we say in the South. The platforms said they spiked the story because it contained links to documents — allegedly from Hunter Biden’s personal computer — that they claimed might have been hacked or illegally obtained or that the story might be outright disinformation.

Boy, that’s a great standard to have, but it’s funny how they didn’t seem to have

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