Radio Included (For A Fee)

An optional $2,500 uograde of TESLA’s in-car infotainment system for older Model S and Model X cars left AM/FM radio and satellite radio out of the mix, but ELETRECK reports that a newly-offered $500 upgrade is being offered that restores access to FM radio and SIRIUSXM.

The electric vehicle maker said on its upgrade page that the previous upgrade, which added video and gaming features to the system, removed access to FM and satellite radio because the upgrade “is not compatible with the original radio tuner that came equipped on your vehicle,” but the new $500 “radio upgrade” will restore access and will come with a compatible radio tuner and antennas; the radio upgrade will not include AM radio (“It is not possible to retain access to AM radio.”). The radio upgrades will be available “later in Q4 2020.” As for why the radio upgrade was not included in the initial system upgrade, TESLA said that “not all customers use their FM radio. For those that wish to upgrade just their infotainment system, we wanted to provide a lower-priced option.”

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